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A Happy Pet Equals a Happy Owner

Hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils & guinea pigs - cute little furry balls of inquisitiveness that never stop entertaining us and make great pets for children, but they can be easily injured if handled too roughly. They can also go downhill rapidly if they become ill, so don't delay if you notice your rodent is off their food, or seems a bit listless. Your pet is in

safe hands with us.


-  A mouth examination can help if an animal is off their food

-  Overlong claws can be painful - have them clipped!

-  Regular checks will help prevent problems

Specialist advice for your rodent

Mice and other small rodents can be picky little beasts and all have their own special needs. For example, Syrian hamsters tend to have lone burrows but others, such as Russian dwarf hamsters, like to live in groups, so would benefit from lots of interaction. Give us a call for more info.

We're always happy to give advice about care: 01698 361 136

Healthy teeth for a happy pet

Have those claws clipped

Cute little furry fellas

Get advice on care for your rodent

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