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We know your pet can become unwell at any time. To make sure you have access to high quality care at night we have chosen to partner with Vets Now a provider of out of hours care .


The team at Vets Now are always there when we are closed. Their qualified staff provide free advise over the phone and advise whether or not you need to take your pet into their clinic for immediate treatment.


Vetsnow take over from us in the evenings and at weekends from Saturday lunch time, If you call us first and we will either be available to take your call or will have an answer machine message with Vets Now details for you.


Please be aware an out of hours appointment will be more expensive than seeing a vet during the day. Vets Now will discuss this with you at the time. Please consider pet insurance to give you peace of mind that your pet will be able to receive the best possible care 24 hours a day.


Out of hours care with Vets Now


Your nearest Vets Now clinic is:

123-145 North Street

Charing Cross

Glasgow G3 7DA

0141 332 3212


For more details, maps and directions, go to: www.vets-now.com/find-an-emergency-vet

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