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Welcome to Our Clinic for Cats & Kittens

Whether your loved one is a pedigree or moggy, you can get the best vet care for your cat. They aren't the most patient of patients but we have plenty of experience in calming the fussiest feline. We aim to minimise stress, whether during a consultation, or if they have to be kept in.

-  topical or oral treatment for fleas & ticks

-  dental checks to prevent gum disease & tooth pain

-  yearly infection-preventing boosters


To book an appointment for your cat's check-up, contact us here.

Spay or neuter your cat

We all hate to see cats & kittens that don't have homes so preventing unwanted litters is important to us. Due to the reduction in hormones produced, spaying can also prevent diseases such as cancer in older female cats, and neutering can make boys less likely to roam or get into fights.


For advice about spaying or neutering

your cat, call: 01698 361 136

Care for nursing mothers & kittens

Yearly boosters keep me healthy!

Grooming tips for long-haired cats

Spaying can prevent disease too!