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Specialist Bird Care at Nardini Rudder Veterinary Centre

Poorly parrot or bilious budgie? Let us look after your bird's needs. Bring us your finches and racing pigeons, parrots, pet waterfowl, falconry birds and pet poultry. We understand them and we will always aim to keep birds away from our other patients!


-  Yearly check-ups

-  Advice on best practice for coops or aviaries

-  Worm and mite prevention

-  Nutritional supplements & bird-safe cage disinfectants

Avian anaesthetics

We believe in effective pain relief for all our patients, and also give it to calm the bird for short procedures such as blood sampling, Identichip implantation and radiography. Avian anaesthetics are slightly more tricky than those for dogs and cats, but we do everything we can to minimise this risk to the bird. Please discuss any concerns with our team.

Ring us for advice on diet or how best to care for your birds: 01698 361 136

We will be happy to consult about any problems with your birds

Parrots require special care

Keep their drinking water clean

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